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12 Modern and Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas
Modern bedrooms are not complicated; as you only need to have a creative mind. Clutter should also be avoided. If you are looking for ideas of modern and inspiring bedrooms, browse these 12 stunning bedroom designs at You will notice that besides the neat mixture of color, each bedroom is elegantly designed with the combination of great artistry and creative decorative elements. The wood floorings are nice and simple, and were offset with cool set of furniture and appropriate lightings. All these designs are friendly to the eyes and are inviting you to come in and relax.

Giving Your Bedroom an Oriental Look? Don't Forget the Fountain!
If you want your bedroom to truly be a retreat away from the trials and tribulations of your everyday life, then why don't you create an Oriental theme in your decor? Part of achieving this look is painting or papering all the walls in the space. The next step will be to deal with lighting by installing a dimmer switch to achieve a softer ambiance when you are preparing for bed. Add Asian-inspired furniture and bedding in natural fabrics will help to complete the look. Adding an indoor fountain in addition vases, candles, and wall hangings will make your bedroom the peaceful retreat you are looking for.

Unexpected Decorating in the Bedroom
For those who want a different look in their bedroom, this website gives great hints for contemporary looks such as leaning artwork instead of hanging it. Most rooms can be functionally and beautifully arranged several different ways - so you don't have to live with it the same old way ad infinitum! Rearranging your furnishings periodically will also help you fall in love with them all over again, making it seem as if you just got brand new furnishings. The site also includes decorating mistakes to avoid, such as artwork placement, wall grouping and display mistakes.

23 Decorating Tricks For Your Bedroom
When it comes to the bedroom, although we spend a tremendous amount of time in bed, we ultimately don't spend a tremendous amount of time in the room. This room is a very private and personal space that we can go to, close the door, and shut out the rest of the world. Much like living room decorating, a bedroom should have a focal point, which is usually the bed. So here are 23 decorating tricks from the website of Real Simple magazine, from piling up the pillows to doing your own artwork. You can really play up the bed with placement, color and fabric. Of course, not to mention the furniture piece itself. Another important aspect of bedroom decorating is organization. Bedrooms seem to invite clutter. To achieve a sense of order and space, discipline and good storage are essential. By making your bedroom a cozy and tidy and organized space, you can free your mind and vision. This will make it easier for you to be calm and relaxed, like the bedroom should be.

Bedroom Decorating Tips by Pottery Barn
If you are looking for tips and ideas for your bedroom decorations, Pottery Barn has tons of them for you. First, you can a tour on their photo gallery of creative bedroom ideas, along with other parts of the house. Then, read tons of articles containing advice and suggestions on how to choose the right bed, proper lighting, and painting colors. For more specific tips, there are tips on how you can organize a small bedroom, how to have a beautiful arrangement of your pillows, how to hang a drape, how to decorate your room with baskets, and many more.

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