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3 Simple Tips to Improve Bathroom Lighting
This post at explains three easy-to-do tips for better bathroom lighting. The first tip starts by pointing out that ceiling lights can cause shadow, and is therefore not sufficient while grooming, shaving, or putting on make-up. The article then offers suggestions on how to place vanity lights on the sides of the mirror. The second tip about modeling bathroom lighting when natural light is not available. It explains the different types of bulbs and when to use them. The third and final tip is how to layer lights in a bathroom. This includes using a light dimmer or a small chandelier.

12 Dynamic Bathroom & Bedroom Design & Decor Ideas
This feature on Web Urbanist makes the point that we spend at least a third of our lives in our bedroomsnad bathrooms, so it's worthwhile using a smart, sleek design to transform an otherwise bland room into a relaxing space. And it presents 122 beautiful bathroom and bedroom design and decor ideas, including instant lofts, and bedroom tree houses and bathrooms that unfold like origami to reveal their components. In one high-tech futuristic bathroom design, there's a ceiling mounted showerhead and a slatted wooden floor in an otherwise empty room; while this looks elegant and minmalist, the floor opens up to reveal a set of benches on either side of a luxurious tub that lies beneath the surface. Then for small spaces there are modular portable bathrooms, which fit a commode, shower, scale, fan and single with mirror into one simple portable package. And they also come in customizable colors and designs. There's also a bathroom where every fixture, from shwer to toilet, is hidden behind a wall. This modular bathroom design features pull-out fixtures that can be tucked away when not in use. These are just a few of the bathroom designs presented.

Primitive Bathroom, Bright Paint Scheme
Designer Nan Sloan includes unique decorating tips for bathrooms. She suggests using bath-specific stores and imagination to decorate. In the TV show episode, she uses indirect lighting provided by a lamp on the toilet or vanity, instead of an overhead bathroom lighting fixture, to create a serene mood. She replaced traditional towel racks with blanket racks, and created a towel rack from an oar paddle in a nautically-themed bathroom.

15 Attractive Bathroom Tiles Designs
This article by Floriza at features photos of 15 elegant and popular designs of bathroom tiles. She explained that there are many different tiles that are now being used in modern designs of bathrooms. She also noted that natural stone is known to be very sensitive to moisture, but many homeowners choose ceramic tiles for their bathroom flooring because they are durable. Among the bathrooms tiles featured here are those with floral pattern; black and white; stripe tile design; mosaic tiles design; and the traditional design. Each bathroom has attractive colors that are more emphasized by using appropriate lighting.

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