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Get The Books Out of the Basement and into Your New Home Library
Book lovers don't have to keep their treasure shoved into nooks and crannies and stacks on the floor anymore—with, you've got an online resource for designing and building a home library of your very own. Here you'll find information and/or links to library contractors that will help you build the library of your dreams, design consulting that can out your vision to paper, custom bookcases to bring it to life, and all the supplies and furnishings you'll need to enjoy your next book in the comfort of a home improvement project meant just for pleasure. There's also book-specific links as well, such as information on collecting and book care.

What Are the Top Five Home Renovating Tips? Discover Them Here!
If you are not ready or can't afford to move from one home to another, then renovating your existing home may be an option. Find out what construction projects are worth the investment, and why it may be a good idea to leave the home as it is. Discover why applying a fresh coat of paint is a great choice, why you shouldn't choose the least expensive option when it comes to fixtures, and more.

Roof Repair Techniques and Tips Shared Here
Consumers who are looking for detailed information about roof repair can find detailed information on this section of the website. Helpful information about roof repair involving different types of materials such as wood or shingles is posted here. Homeowners will also find tips on repairs to open roof valleys and flat roofs included with these materials. Also provided are effective methods for maintaining gutters and repairing vent pipes.

Rafter Layout with Log Timbers
For an interesting home design look, consider using log timbers for exposed rafters. A challenging part of a construction project using timber is that one end of the log is always thicker than the other. Visit Get Real Estate to learn how to use materials that are not uniform in size. A list of tools you will need to lay out the rafters is provided, along with instructions for using a steel square for your design project.

Ever Wonder How a Floor is Constructed? Find Out Here!
Have you ever wondered how the floor in a new home is constructed? This page from How Stuff Works explains the steps in words and pictures. Discover exactly how a sill-plate constructed from pressure treated lumber sits on the foundation. Check out how th joists meet the center beam in the home. In the final stage of floor construction, the framing is covered with plywood. Be sure to check out the links to pages with information about basements, crawl spaces, walls, windows and doors, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and more.

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