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Staying Healthy: Ages 50 and Up
There are many factors that influence elder health. Watching oneís weight, getting exercise, eating well, getting regular tests and screenings and working to prevent injury are great starts. This site also has more information about sexual health for seniors, menopause, overcoming depression, help for smokers, oral cancer, prostate cancer, tuberculosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, breast cancer and more. It includes a very useful checkup and tests record section to help you stay on track of preventative health for seniors. And it has a medicine minder, shots chart and cancer tests tracker. Itís very useful for seniors to write things down and the charts here help them stay on top of their health.

Senior Nutrition: Is a Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Diet Best?
The elderly are a fast-growing population, and they are also susceptible to health risks from not eating well. This article states that after the age of 50, there are many metabolic and physiological changes which impact on the nutritional needs of an aging individual. Social and economic factors can also impact the quality of nutrition that an elder gets. The nutritional risk of the elderly is no doubt affected by the fact that the low-fat, low-cholesterol diet message has been heard loud and clear by this population, this article states. Even though dietary limits on fat and cholesterol consumption are mostly assumed to be effective in reducing the risk of conditions in young and middle-aged adults, seniors who restrict are of concern. They may not be getting the right amount of nutrients in their diet. This article explores senior health from a nutritional standpoint, and makes great points about why senior nutrition is a necessary topic to explore and educate seniors on.

Eating Well: A Guide for the Elderly
Looking to have an active, healthy lifestyle as you get older? This site has information and tips for taking care of yourself—for sleeping well, eating well, finding meaning in life, retaining a sharp memory, and more. Articles feature information on senior nutrition. With proper nutrition, elders will benefit from: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and; better management of chronic health problems. Plenty of information for seniors on mental, physical and emotional health as they age.

Exercise and Aging Gracefully
Exercise is one of the healthiest things people can do for themselves; in fact, not exercising can be risky. This article gives information on how to set up an exercise plan as a senior citizen, and what exercise can do for the body. It offers exercise progress charts and sample exercises that elders can do, and go over with their doctor. The article says that studies show in the long term, aging adults in all age groups hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. Older people should stay as physically active as they can, it states.


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