Better Senior Health (02)

Better Senior Health: One Condition at a Time
With all the conditions that face seniors, itís vital to have useful information online to help seniors stay healthy. This site does just that and features information on good health habits for seniors, colorectal cancer screening, healthy eating for seniors, flu shot information for seniors and more. Other topics include: help with Medicare Part D, blood pressure medication, food-drug interactions, hip fractures, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause, diabetes, cancer, urinary incontinence, glaucoma, sleep changes in seniors, sexual health for seniors, cataracts, prostate cancer, memory loss, and more.

An Online Library of Information About Chiropactors is Waiting for You at Chiropractic Universe
Chiropractic Universe is a modern online library of information and resources on this subject. Get news relating to this medical specialty, find out how to find a chiropractor in your area, and financing options that may be available to you. Several conditions that may benefit from chiropractic treatment are listed on the site, including high blood pressure, cancer, bursitis, arthritis, autism, obesity, and headaches. Learn how chiropractic adjustments are performed and get information about different specialties in chiropractic care. Links to suppliers of chiropractic equipment and supplies, as well as resources for practioners are also provided.

Eating Well: Why Elderly People Need to Make Sure They Eat Healthy Foods
This website includes special diets for elder weight loss, information on lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and controlling diabetes. It also includes nutritional guidelines and healthy recipes for elders, such as brain health foods, are included. Information on healthy low-fat diets, the importance of fruits and vegetables, getting fiber in your diet, food guides and requirements for adults, and a special section on food requirements for adults over the age of 70 are also featured here. on Health & Fitness
There are so many ways for elderly citizens to stay active. Especially because we know how important eating well and regular physical activity are. And what better an organization than AARP to present senior health information? This site has information on physical activities for seniors such as walking and other sports. It also includes a link to AARPís physical activity programs, which are free. Tips for those managing a condition, such as diabetes, are also included. Features and information on senior nutrition are also included. The message boards give visitors the chance to talk to other seniors about improving overall health.

The Food Pyramid for Seniors
As we age, our appetites may decline but our nutritional needs do not, this site says. Thatís why Tuftís University modified the food pyramid for seniors, mainly to include supplements. The elderly have some specific nutrient needs not addressed in the "one size fits all" food pyramid, according to Tuftís researchers. Thatís why this article is useful: to give you nutritional assistance for elders. Seniors need whole grain foods, colored fruits and vegetables, low-fait dairy products, and lean meats. Hydration is also a pertinent issue, as many seniors experience chronic dehydration, which can affect the rest of their bodies. Learn more about what the elderly should, and should not, be eating here.

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