Keep Your Bed Fresh and Clean

We spend half our lives in our beds, therefore it is just as important to keep them clean and fresh, as it is to keep our bodies washed and our houses dust free.

Firstly you have your bedding, which is easy to maintain and keep clean. You will have a duvet, pillows and cases to cover them, as well as a sheet for the mattress and maybe an under sheet for your duvet.

It is recommended that you clean and change your covers at least every nine days. This immediately keeps your bed clean and fresh smelling. By having more than one set you can swap and change, and it also means whilst one set is drying you can put the other set on your bed.

As far as duvets and pillows go these can be cleaned at a dry cleaners with minimal fuss. Once a year should do the trick, but this expenditure will prolong the life of your duvet and pillows as well as contributing to keeping your bed clean.

Finally, it is wise to clean your mattress. Obviously you cannot stuff your mattress into a washing machine, such a challenge would even tax the magicians amongst us. But there are ways in which you can keep your mattress clean. Firstly you can regularly vacuum the mattresses on your beds. This gets rid of dead hair, skin and other particles of dust and dirt. Removing loose dirt like this will make life easier if the mattress does get wet, as there will be less matter for the water to create a stain from.

Stains can be inevitable on a mattress, especially on children’s beds. So to eliminate these you are best using upholstery cleansers. These are designed for pieces of fabric coated in fabric, just like your mattresses on your beds. These products will efficiently remove any unwanted stains.


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