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Before You Buy Your Area Rug
If you're in the market for a rug, check out the Resources section on The Rug Merchant website, especially the page Before You Buy. It gives you a really good list of the things you should know before you purchase an area rug. There are five fundamentals steps to laying down the idea rug: 1) size and shape—elementary but essential information, with some good advice to measure at least twice, and also if a rug is for under the dining room table that it's largest enough to cover pushing back the chairs; 2) color—whether muted or vibrant is a key factor, so that it's right for the location and expresses itself as your work of art; 3) pattern—one of the most helpful elements in narrowing your selection after size and color (in the industry, pattern is divided into the three categories of cuvilinear, geometric and pictorial); 4) style—and clearly the goal is to find one that matches yours, from floral to contemporary to traditional, the character of the motifs, colors and patterns of the rug; and design—all rugs can be divided into one of three major designs: all-over (motifs spread throughout the rug), medallion, where a large centerpiece is the focal point, and one-sided, which the design is woven in one direction. The site also offers tips on buying an antique handmade rug.

Do-it-yourself Carpets and Rugs
The section on carpets and rugs on offers a lot of useful information. Several articles cover carpet installation: general installations instructions, how to install it on stairs, installing carpet tile, and how to recognize carpet installation scams. Perhaps the most useful information will be all the articles on cleaning rugs and carpets. There's cleaning tips for wool rugs, how to make your own rug cleaning solution, silk rug cleaning do's and doníts, jute rug cleaning instructions, how to clear a sisal rug, how to clean a chenille braided rug, how to remove stains from a braided jute rug, tips on the durability and cleaning of wool versus cotton rugs, removing staining from Persian wool rugs and cleaning the fringe on Persian rugs. You'll find information on which carpet cleaning equipment works best, and who you don't need carpet cleaning machines, and the best carpet cleaning methods you don't even know about. You'll learn about carpet cleaner shampoo alternatives. Several articles are devoted to oriental rugs: how to remove pet hair and stains from them, general cleaning instructions, will furniture damage an oriental rug, is a rug pad necessary, how to keep a runner from slipping, and how to replace the fringe.

Don't Get Ripped Off: The Hazards of Buying Carpet
The website gives some information to help you avoid the most common scams used in selling carpet. It tells you seven carpet truths: there's no such thing as free lable, an invisble seam, a stain proff carpet (though Triexta comes close), no miracle fibers, no Formaldehyde in today's modern carpets, the life of the carpet depends on your lifestyle, and installation is everything! The site explains about eight of the most popular scams. Here's the titles of some of them to give you a flavor: the whole house scame, the private lable scam, the guaranteed lowest price scam, the I can buy it wholesale, and the old switcheroo. Have you ever wondered if buying a carpet or rug online is a good idea? This Web site advises against it. If you get a sample in the mail, it may not match the rest of the roll, first of all. Second, if there is a defect that does not show up until after installation, i.e. sidematch problems, then again, you have no way of getting satisfaction from the seller when it comes to paying for the installation a second time. But the best reason not to buy carpet online is that selection is so limited compared to your local floor-covering dealer, who probably has more options for you. Recommendation: go to your local dealer and save the Internet shopping for other house wares.

Floors on has about 40 presentations—photos with captions—pertaining to floors. Here are some of the how-to topics: fix scratches in hardwood floors, stain and seal hardwood floors, fix loose ceramic floor tiles, fix damaged pile carpet, repair vinyl sheet flooring, replace broken ceramic tile, measuring to buy ceramic floor tiles, get a room ready for floor tile, get wood floors ready for sanding, replace vinyl floor tiles, find replacement ceramic and clay tiles, clean mildew from concrete, clean mildew from concrete, measuring to buy resilient floor tiles, calculating the amount of carpet you need, a DIY flooring calculator, a calculating the amount of carpet, vinyl floor, or ceramic tile you need, paint wood floor, should you hire a pro to sand hardwood floors, refinish a hardwood floor, replace damaged areas of hardwood flooring, repair stains, nicks and scratches in hardware floors, lay out a ceramic tile floor, install a ceramic tile floor, tips for laying carpet, clean and deodorize your carpet, remove old tile flooring, lay laminate flooring, fix curling vinyl tile, fix gouged, cut or scratched sheet vinyl, level slanted floors, and how to install a screw jack to level your floor. And several presentations show you how to fix a squeaky floor, that is: carpeted, caused by gaps between the subfloor and joist, caused by gaps between the subfloor and the finished floor, and how to fix a squeaky floor with a metal cleat.

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