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Royal Horticultural Society
The Royal Horticultural Society is an organization that aims to enrich the lives of UK residents by making the United Kingdom a cleaner and greener place. The society wishes to improve horticulture excellence through growing and cultivating plants and by inspiring and involving residents through its various campaigns, such as It's Your Neighbourhood and Britain in Bloom. In this resource, one can find not just information on various plants, but also gardening tips and the latest news on horticulture. It also features forums and a section on how to be an RHS member, as well as links to garden courses, workshops, and scientific research.

Garden Guides
Surf on over to Garden Guides and check out their guides, including the Flower Guide, Vegetable Guide and Herb Guide. This useful site has an article library full of features on gardening and a tips and techniques section that will help you become a great gardener. A discussion forum allows you to talk about your gardening experience with others. You can even get free content for your own garden website through Garden Guides. The site even has shopping resources and features info on seeds, books, bulbs and plants.

Native Plants Database by National Audubon Society
The National Audubon Society is an organization that aims to protect the birds of the Americas and their habitats. The organization does this through on-the-ground conservation, advocacy, and education. This resource is one of Audubonís initiatives in making people more aware about bringing birds into their respective homes by planting native plants that serve as natural habitats for different bird species. To access the database, one only needs to enter his email address and 5-digit U.S. zip code. The database lists the best plants for birds that live in the area, a wealth of information about the said birds and plants, as well as local resources and tips about making the area more bird-friendly.

Dave's Garden
Dave's Garden is a rich resource of gardening information for gardeners from all over the world. This website features articles on planting, harvesting, different species of plants, birds, and butterflies, and a whole lot more. It also offers guides on plants, bugs, birds, winter and frost dates, botany, and landscaping. There are also links to the products that the website offers such as Plant Scout, Go Gardening, and Garden Bookworm, among others. There is also a section called Bloom of the Day, where photos of various plants are displayed along with details such as water and soil requirements, hardiness, propagation methods, and more.

Ultimate Succulent Guide: Care, Cost and Kinds
Anyone who is interested in planting and caring for succulents will gain a lot of information from this guide. It discusses what succulents are and what the different varieties are, and gives ample information on their proper care and how much it will cost to start a succulent hobby. The resource explains that cacti are not the only succulents, as there are many kinds of succulents. They can be indoor and outdoor succulents, potted, terrarium, hanging and potted succulents, flowering succulents, and faux succulents. Other topics in the guide include watering and propagating these easy-to-grow plants, the kind of soil and the amount of sunlight they need, and even where to buy them.


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