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Teen Mental Health: Coping with Stress and Friends
Teen health also involves coping with issues, and this site gives advice on how to cope and how to help other teens deal with stress and even thoughts of suicide. It explains there are three ways of reacting to problems: getting angry, withdrawing and taking charge. It gives teens good ways to react to stress and problems, such as talking to someone they trust, listening to music and relaxing, working out, do something they find pleasurable, and giving themselves time to think about the issue and think about how they want to react.

Get Local Farmers' Foods Onto Your School's Lunchroom Cafeteria Trays
Visitors to this site by the University of Michigan Extension will learn about getting food grown by farmers in their community onto their students' lunch trays in school. This Tookit for school foodservice provides suggestions for introducing healthier choices to students. Farm to School connects schools with local farms. Once they learn about whole grain products, they will be more likely to add them to their school cafeteria trays. Since the learning involves volunteers and a farmer visiting cafeteria tables showing several items, including a stalk of wheat, wheat berries, and flour, students make the connection between the plant product, flour and the foods they eat.

The Power of Eating Healthy Foods
Empower your kids to eat right by educating them as to why they have to eat the right foods, and giving them the tools to do so. This website talks about prevention, giving kids information about being in the kitchen, avoiding eating disorders and determining if they’re overweight; an assessment section talks about how to tell if you have a problem with food or emotional eating; and the taking action section has information about body image and teasing. Featured articles discuss how to deal with picky eaters and what to say to a friend who may have an eating disorder.

Keeping Kids Healthy During the School Year
School is a very good place to be for kids because it is where they get to meet friends and interact with teachers and other school personnel. For parents, school is where their kids can learn knowledge and skills that they could use till their adult lives. The sad thing is, school can be a breeding ground for pathogens, where kids can pick up germs that make them sick. How can parents keep their children from getting sick while they are in school? This article offers some golden nuggets such as teaching children healthy habits like proper handwashing and not sharing cups and utensils with other kids.

Kids and Anger: How to Deal
Dealing with an angry child can be difficult for parents because it makes you exhausted and aggravated. Dealing with your child's anger includes first finding out what they feel. Ask them what's happened, what went wrong, or why they are feeling what they feel. They may be able to tell you very clearly, or they may not. But then you can try some of the tips here to help your child understand his or her feelings, and express them in a healthy and safe way.

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