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a Miami Beach a Top Market for Hotel Investment
This Real Deal article reports that last year, hotel investors invested a whopping $40.5 billion in the U.S. hotel industry, according to data collected by STR. In the STR Report, Miami Beach featured as one of the top three markets, preceded by New York and San Francisco in terms of price per hotel room, and ranked No.2 after New York in terms of building cost. In 2015, hotel rooms on Miami sold for an average price of $660,000, and the average building cost worked out to be $832,000, as per the STR spokesperson.

The Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites by The College Investor
This article by The College Investor educates readers about the best real estate crowdfunding sites. As we know, real estate investment is an appropriate choice for money makers. The article familiarizes you with what real estate crowdfunding is, how it works, and how can you make money through it. Besides, you will also come to know about the different companies like Realtyshares and Prodigy Network that gives you a wealth of property options. P2P real estate investment seems to be a good option for accredited investors. While investments call for greater risks, but then as well all know the greater the risks, the more are your chances of getting rewards.

Buy to Let Properties in Barcelona
Home Search Barcelona reviews the financial rewards of rental properties or commercial properties, especially in prime locations. This article factors in many variables when making financial calculations. According to this article, though prime properties are expensive and hard to find, they can provide higher ROI. The last 15 years have witnessed an annual growth of 7 percent in the average property value in the prime sector. A smart investor can expect a ROI of more than 7 percent annually, calculated over 5 years. The commercial properties in prime city locations can fetch higher returns over a time period of 7 years.

Is it Better to Invest in Commercial or Residential Real Estate?
In this article, Invest Four More compares the residential property market to the commercial property market for the purpose of investments. According to this article, while residential properties get easy financing and are easier to rent out, they may yield lower return than commercial properties. Commercial properties generally involve complicated financing and many paperwork, innovative financing options are available through REITs and crowdfunding. Commercial leases also tend to be longer and less stable then residential properties. In economic downtimes, residential properties will still rent out but commercial properties may have tough time finding renters. The biggest benefit of investing in commercial property is that a long lease ensures annual increases in returns with the publicly listed tenant meeting the cost of maintenance and land tax.

Best Hospitality REITs in Singapore by Motley Fool
This Motley Fool article discusses real estate investment trusts based out of Singapore. Out of the 31 trusts operating in Singapore, six are related to the hospitality sector. These hospitality real estate investment trusts own and operate hotels and service apartments. The market truth is that volatility in tourism traffic inflow leaves a strong impact on the RevPAR. As the RevPAR varies widely from year to year, the revenue generation also fluctuates to a great degree. The other business model known as lease of hotel properties to hotel managers helps to overcome the rough times for hotel business in Singapore.

Warren Buffett Reveals His Secrets for Investing in Real Estate
America Online in this article recounts honest admissions of Warren Buffet about real estate investments. Buffet made these public declarations through a letter to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. In this letter, Buffet illustrated two real estate investments, one of which was a 400-acre farm he bought in Nebraska, and the other, a retail property in New York. While discussing these two personal investments, he shared some pearls of wisdom about real estate investments. His lessons in real estate investments can be summed up as undervalued properties make good investment candidates, the investor should think income and not rice appreciation, focus should be on underutilized properties, partnerships can help fill gaps in investment expertise, and the macro view is more important than the micro view.

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