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Back-to-School Organization
Get organized for the new school year with easy-to-make clothes, crafts and tasty lunchbox recipes. If you're heading for college, learn how to manage your finances and design your dorm room, and then find out about some unique schools for adults as well as teens. Links provided for topics such as: organizing kid clutter, running errands, recycling alarm clocks, organizing your schedule, locker organizer, bedtime routine, healthy backpacks, kids' retro fashion, school wardrobe, T-Shirt dress, wearable concoctions, lunchtime dishes and ideas, beaded pens, children's activities, pen pals, school days table, useful children's crafts, cleaning kit for kids, college student care packages, luxury dorms, mailing food, money matters for college students, student living, and student living rooms and locations.

Creative Homemaking
Stay organized with grocery list software, a kitchen journal and grocery coupons. This website offers home organization resources, such as a grocery price book, budgeting software, a free debt calculator, a bill paying system, checklists, a recipe database, decluttering tips, organizing a wardrobe system, bill paying, summer organizing, time management, organizing laundry and scheduling chores. A supportive forum allows visitors to post questions and get replies, a blog gives updated advice and a newsletter offers free tips and more.

52 Great Ideas on How to Have an Organized Home
This huge list of tips for organizing your home was created by editors at The 52 ideas are meant to be one idea a week for one entire year. The tips include some activities that working parents can every morning before you go to work and once they arrive home. The two-page blog post also covers tips on how to organize almost every part of the house such as bathrooms, kitchen, kids' room, and even closets. The last part is a list of 12 tips about random things, including teaching each family to participate in maintaining cleanliness inside the house.

Home Organization Checklists provides checklists of all sorts in many categories besides home organization. Home improvement, selling a home, entertaining guests, childproofing a house, organizing kitchens, obtaining flood insurance, checking your furnace, and preventing burglaries are topics presented, and each topic includes various checklists to ensure you are organized at home. When you need to plan for family and personal events, turn to these checklists.

Let Style at Home Help You Get Organized
Are you looking for organization solutions you can use in your home? Visitors to the Style at Home web site will find it a helpful resource that they will want to bookmark for future reference. Whether you want to weed out clutter in the kitchen, get tips you can use to stay on track and have less stress over the Holiday Season or need suggestions for giving your garage a makeover, you will find helpful tips posted here. Other offerings include information about storage solutions and suggestions for giving your tech toys a spring cleaning.


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