Well-designed Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are available in a variety of different design styles, conventional roman blinds have a regular pocket formation when the blind is pulled up, a cascade option provides pockets which are shorter at the top of the blind, this staggered pocket effect gives the illusion of the pockets cascading down, hence the name. Cascade blinds can not be pulled up as high as a regular roman blind and therefore do not allow for maximum light to enter a room. However, their ripple effect does provides a soft and more gentle look to the blind.

Many roman blinds have an option as to which side the pull cords are situated , this needs to be taken into consideration when fixing the cleat, the wing shaped item on which the cord is wound, to a wall or frame. A contrasting border adds a subtle change in looks and can be used to coordinate with existing home furnishings and décor, alternatively a contrasting band across the width of the blind will achieve a similar effect and break up the main blind colour. A fashionable trend is a blind which has a bottom border in a contrasting colour and texture of fabric such as faux leather or faux suede.

The bottom edge of a roman blind can be shaped with gentle scallops or zigzags to provide a slightly different and less formal look. One of the latest fashion trends in roman blinds is an eye-let bottom, this design style uses metal disc to cover the eye-lets offering a trendy and chic appearance which can be used in conjunction with eye-let style curtains or look equally stunning when used as the sole window dressing.

In order to offer more heat insulation and light penetration it is possible to have a lined roman blind. Thin linings made from cotton do not offer either much heat or light protection, however, the do provide a covering from the draw cords when the blind is viewed from outside. A blackout lining is ideal for blinds used in bedrooms and are typically a beige or cream colour.

Roman blinds can also be brought as a Do-It-Yourself kits in various width sizes, these provide all the necessary items such as the pre-corded header rails, weighted bottom bar, Velcro and blind tape, all that is needed is the personal choice as to which fabric is used. The kits generally come with full instructions to make life simpler.

Voile roman blinds are an ideal way to provide a room with privacy during the daytime and make a modern alternative to traditional net curtains. This voile fabric provides a sheer and delicate window covering which can be teamed with window curtains to complete the window’s treatment.

Wood weave are available in a variety of natural shades to add a touch of nature to a room, for a more contemporary look a black bamboo roman blind looks great when teamed with ivory coloured home furnishings and décor. These blinds offer privacy when closed with gentle diffused lighting effects as daylight fades into night.


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