Use Artificial Plants to Achieve Feng Shui When You Redecorate

(ARA) - Redecorating your living space for comfort and style can be challenging -- and fun! Decide on a lamp, a rug or a piece of art to complement your décor, but how do you decide? To create a look that’s your own, with a peaceful energy flow and warm, appealing comfort, consider feng shui to help you redecorate.

The concept of feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the environment through the design and layout of space. It’s an easy way to achieve a fresh change of your living area to suit you personally.

As part of the feng shui doctrine, adding new decorative items to your home that represent life, whether with a plant or an animal picture, helps to create a calming, tranquil atmosphere. But if you are hesitant to use real plants because of the work involved, consider an exquisitely made silk plant. They never need water, aren’t messy and always look great.

Many people shy away from using living plants in their decor, claiming their lack of a green thumb results in unhealthy and dead plants. For these people I recommend using life-like or 'live looking' fake plants, says Joyce Hyde, feng shui consultant. Attractive, good quality silk plants are available in retail outlets in a wide variety of styles … their vibrant green color that symbolizes life, growth and health can transform a dull, lackluster space into a warm and inviting one.

Established in 2001, Nearly Natural of Miami grew out of a few companies started by one family. Henry Friedman, grower consultant, renowned horticulturist and grandfather, entered the plant industry in the 1940s.

Following in his footsteps, daughter Anita Singer, creative director and vice president of Nearly Natural, started a wholesale live plant business in the early 1970s. From a greenhouse in her backyard, she sold to florists and business offices. When a client wanted to buy artificial plants, Singer began designing and selling silk ones.

Directly imported from Asia, the stems are high quality and look remarkably like real plants and flowers. The designers then fashion arrangements to create different looks -- Asian, tropical or traditional -- to complement any décor you have.

Working in the dirt with my father taught me about plants, recalls Singer. So now I’m very particular in the choices and types of silk plants I purchase. They must look and feel very real; and be beautiful in their foliage -- I look at their color, stems and spots. They must be very close to the real plant.

The designers are all experienced horticulturists and able to duplicate them with surprising accuracy. We do bother to look for the most realistic looking silk plants out there, and along with that, we offer the best, very competitive prices, she says.

Between their experience in the industry and the high quality of their product, Nearly Natural creates charming and beautiful decorating pieces for the home and office that you can feel good about. And they’ll make your environment feel better, which is key to living comfortably.

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