Tips to Finding a Contractor for Window Replacement

(ARA) - Installing new windows can do wonders for your home. It will make your home more energy efficient and add new style. Window installation is a major project, so here are a few tips to make the process easier.

If you are thinking about replacing your windows, consider the cost of the windows as well as the potential energy savings you can expect from newer, energy efficient windows. Replacement windows eliminate leaks and lessen heat transfer for lower heating and cooling bills. You can also get windows with special tinting that helps keep ultraviolet rays from adding unwanted heat to your home.

Consider everything you will need to do to install the windows yourself: the proper tools, taking correct measurements for a good fit, leveling the window, and caulking after installation to prevent leakage.

If you are not confident that you can easily and safely do an accurate installation, donít hesitate to hire a contractor to help you. Considering the amount of time youíll spend on the project, a contractor may be a good option.

* Figure out exactly what you want, including the style, materials and any fixtures youíll need. The more specific you are, the more accurate the estimates will be.

* Set a budget. By shopping and educating yourself thoroughly about what you want and whatís available, your budget will cover the project and the estimate will be on target with the projectís actual cost.

* Get at least three quotes. Using online referral sites may be a good solution. Give each potential contractor the same specifications. This will help you compare the bids they submit.

* Compare prices, quality of materials and timeline from each bidder. Donít hesitate to ask questions on anything that seems unclear. Make sure all your questions are answered from each contractor before you make a final decision.

* Get a contract. Decide on a contractor and get a written contract that describes everything in detail. Once itís down on paper and signed by both parties thereís no disputing what the original agreement contained.

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