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43 Creative Designs of Small Kitchens
Having a small kitchen gives you no choice but to make it look spacious. But if you want to maintain its beauty and you just don't know how, these 43 creative designs at will surely inspire you. For the tips, you should only buy smaller kitchen appliances, make use of its center space, providing lighting that can make your kitchen look bigger, using of illusion of flooring, using glass doors for cabinets, maximizing the storage space, using of pullout cabinet, painting the cabinets with the same color as the walls, and of course, keeping the area free from clutter.

27 Smart and Alternative Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Decorating your bathroom requires strong imagination and getting out from the conventional techniques. If you donít know how, be inspired with this collection of odd bathroom decorating ideas by BuzzFeed. Here, you will see a chalkboard replacing a mirror, an entire wall painted with chalkboard, a radiator painted with crazy color, reusing an old bicycle as a bathroom sink, a shower curtain replaced with an umbrella, using a screen instead of drapes, a painted bathtub, an entire bathroom painted in black, using of multiple mirrors instead of just one, using of canopy instead of shower curtains, and more.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Remodel your Bathroom
If you plan to remodel your bathroom, you want it to be easy and economical. First, you can cover some portions of the wall surface instead of replacing them. For your bathtub or shower, you can simply refinish it depending on the damage, or use a pre-fabricated one instead of hiring of tradesman to fix it. For painting, and installation of toilet, there are many free DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tutorials that are very easy to follow. There are also many cheap but wonderful bathroom vanity units to choose from. For more detailed explanation, check this article at

Low-Cost Bathroom Remodeling Tips
Remodeling your bathroom need not be expensive, if you only know what to do. In this article at, you will learn how to save money for giving your bathroom a new look. First, you should know how to limit the use of tiles without sacrificing the beauty. Second, you should know how to buy inexpensive granite countertops. Third, you have these repainting tips. While updating fixtures, you can check for some old and used ones that you can recycle instead of buying new ones. In repurposing materials, you might also want to consider being friendly with the environment.

Low-Cost Bathroom Updates
Bathrooms are one of the most used and abused rooms in your home, yet they are also a serene and relaxing retreat to escape for a few moments each day. With that in mind, You might want to add some glam to your bathroom, and this slideshow shows you how to do it in a weekend or less with affordable makeover ideas. One example is adding dramatic mirror and glass, and chrome accent shelves and twel bars. You might also change out a dated light fixture with something new and dramatic. Another idea is giving a paint refresher to the vanity cabinet. Adding pullout shelves to deep cabinets will boost efficiency. Low-cost white field tiles is an inexpensive way to finish a shower suffound and lower portion of bathroom walls. Accent tiles can spice up the look, and visually link the shower and vanity area. Another possibility is to give your bath some charm and personality by seeking out vintage tubs, sincks, countertops, etc., at flea markets, architectural salvage yars and Internet aucution sites. These are just a few of the ideas covered.

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