Design & Decoration of Specific Rooms (06)

Dining Room Style Gallery on Houzz
Sometimes the best way to get home decoration ideas is simply to browse the Internet. This vast gallery more than 350,000 photos of dining rooms on Houzz shows a wealth of different dining room themes and décor styles. From the shabby chic dining room to a country dining room, photos show different dining room design possibilities. There aren’t too many elegant styles here, more are contemporary but are still upscale choices for designing the dining room of your dreams.

Guide to Dining Room Tablecloths
Go beyond numbers and review this handy website, which shows what tablecloths fit different sizes of tables. If you have an oval, square, oblong or round table, you may want to check this website out. More tablecloths can fit on your table than you think, and this website gives great dining room tablecloth measurement advice before you head out to the store.

Kid-Friendly Rooms
This section on House Beautiful is devoted to providing you with tons of ideas on how to decorate your kid's room without taking out a second mortgage. Start by reading the Q&A article with designer Scot Meacham Wood on how to decorate a kid's room, which discusses the challenge of decorating a kid's room because it's always a moving target as the kid grows older and his or her needs and styles change. For example, what colors will be easily adaptable from newborn through high school? You want colors that can be added and combine in news ways to keep the room age-appropriate. Wood also recomends furniture than can more forward into a more mature space, such as a beautiful dresser or a classic chair. Other articles in the House Beautiful section discuss designers' childhood bedrooms, classic wallpaper that is kid-friendly, cool kids' room products, 9 designer kids' rooms, colorful kids rugs, 10 cool kids' room ideas, and the 12 best paint colors for kids' rooms.

Tabletop Fountains Make a Great Accent Piece for any Space
When you decide to incorporate a tabletop fountain into your decorating plans, you are adding an element of beauty that also provides you with health benefits. The sight, sound, and aroma of fresh water give a feeling of tranquility that is unique to this type of accent piece. They look lovely and the sound can mask other household sounds, such as ringing phones or conversations from other parts of the house, that you may find distracting. Add a candle to your fountain display and you will get the benefits of aromatherapy as well. There are many styles available, including some with a mist feature, so you can get just the right look for your home or office.

Children's Room Decorating
You'll find loads of great decorating for kids' rooms. Use themes to simplify kids decorating, get ideas on budget nursery decor, learn how to prepare a room for a new child being adopted, and see the luxurious furniture and accessories that celebrities are buying for their children -- plus lots of projects and ideas. Includes how to find inspiration for kids rooms, furniture and apparel for kids that is luxurious, room décor for an adopted child, versatile children's décor, decorating boys rooms, decorating girls rooms, advice on long-lasting décor and more information.

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