Design & Decoration of Specific Rooms (07)

Decorating Themes for Children's Rooms
Decorating children's rooms and nursery rooms is no longer about pink and blue balloons and clowns. This guide offers alternatives to pink, a young cowboy theme, ocean themes, starry night themes and Winnie the Pooh themes. The decorating basics section offers tips to enhance the look and maintain safety in your child's room, including protection from electric sockets, avoiding long drapes and curtains, using roman shades, using solid colored bedding so children can grow with the room and selecting furniture for children's rooms. A children's room decorating newsletter is offered, as are other themes such as baby safari, sugar-n-spice and denim patchwork.

Carpets and Area Rugs for Kids' Rooms
Have you ever stepped into a carpet showroom and felt like a piece of chum tossed into a shark tank? This site will open your eyes to the tricks of the carpet and area rugs trade designed to help you part with your hard earned money for a product that may not be what you thought it was. If you want to make certain that you're never taken for a magic carpet ride again, then you've got to highlight the word INFORMATION at the top of the screen and then click on CARPET INFORMATION. Click on ABOUT BUYING CARPET and prepare for the education of a lifetime. Every carpet and rug buyer should read this article before buying even a remnant. Learn about the "Fiber Face Weight" rip-off, the "Guaranteed Lowest Price" ploy, the "No Payments and No Interest for One Year" gimmick and a lot more. And that's just one of 7 tip-filled articles to make your carpet and area rugs buying adventure something you'll remember with fondness rather than a nightmare that will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Designing a Home Game Room
The Articles & Advice section of provides game room design ideas for your home. When it comes to a game room, you need to take a lot of things into consideration, starting with size. But this article provides ideas for small game room design, for large game room design, and for designing the basement as a game room. If youíre going to put a pool table in there, 4x8, or a ping-pong table, you need at least five feet all the way around the table, to give you plenty of room for cue sticks, or running back and forth with paddles. You need also to plan where youíre going to put items inside your house, and what your needs are. Take into consideration how youíre going to get the big stuff into the room. The jukebox, the pool table, an ordinary door may not be wide enough. Here we have an oversized door three feet wide. We can get it in there. Itís very inexpensive to do when youíre building it up-front, so do it at that point.

Designing a Home Recreation Room That is Fun
These days, more and more folks are fixing up their homes. Plans to spiff up the nest often include a game room, where family and friends come together for activities that transcend gender, age or ability. Tips for creating, designing and decorating a game room that is actually fun is provided in this asrticle in magazine. The magazine asked three area designers to fring a sense of fun into the game room in their choice of tables, lighting and wallcoverings. The article provide a large photo gallery of the components and overall designs that were created.

Home Theater Design 101
Homes now often include rooms for home theaters, separate rooms designed for maximum comfort while watching films on the big screen with superb surround-sound. Most people spend a lot of time picking out the perfect sound system, a cutting-edge plasma TV and all the other accessories needed to create a great home theater. But the furniture is usually an afterthought—and this can be a missed opportunity. Get all the ideas you need from the home theater design guide and articles on Elle Decor for a chic and practic home theater. Elle Decor interviewed top interior designers for their recommendation on everything from seating arrangements to fabrics. They sought out the most dramatic media consoles, softest sofas and smartest storage. The ideal designs presented here are all about style, and are sure to inspire you.

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