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Home Office Design
This article gives advice for setting up and decorating your home office. It discusses the equipment and technology needed to make sure it's functional, such as a second phone line. How to organize your home office and using décor to personalize your home office is discussed. Tips include investing in a simple filing system, don't collect paper, purchasing a book for bookkeeping, getting comfortable furniture, using baskets for filing, logging your expenses, organizing your tasks, establishing rules, and more. A section on mobile office technology and laptop cases is also offered.

34 Fresh Ideas for Decorating a Home Office Area
Browse these inspiring home office photos that could help turn your workspace into a creative heaven that's also organized and productive. These 34 ideas are intended to disobey all rules and connect professionalism with coziness. Ordinary shelving and bookcases can be treated to a healthy serving of color, and then used to accommodate books, magazines and other research materials for future craft projects. Bulletin boards and chalkboards can be used to display artful ideas that are in progress. Color and pattern can be manipulated within the craft space to assist with the organization of craft supplies. Jars with lids, nesting baskets and boxes make wonderful selections for storing small items, while drawers and large containers serve as ideal candidates for housing larger craft supplies.

Home Office Decorating Secrets
Home offices can accommodate as much office equipment as larger offices, with more comfort and personality. Natural lighting in a home office provides a connection to the outdoors. Figuring out the balance with natural and artificial light in your home office is discussed. Task lighting and ambient lighting are noted, as are dimmers and gooseneck lamps. Also mentions the benefits of a filing cabinet and bookcases. Mentions desks that close when work is done is a décor solution to keep home offices free of clutter.

99 Home Organizing Tips That Can Help You Save Money
Having an organized home can cost you a lot of money if you don't know the right strategies. But with this ninety nine tips from, you will not run out of ideas. Among them are using an old baby-food jars to hold spices, using a cardboard six-pack container for your kitchen condiments, recycling of old plastic shopping bags, repurposing cardboard boxes for your shoes, reuse leftover gift-wrap ribbons to tie extra electrical and other cords, and using an old wooden stepladder as books holder. To make sure you won’t forget anything while going to the store, put sheet of paper on your bulletin board on items that need replenishing.

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