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Small Space Living from Pier 1
Living in an apartment or other small space means you are limited in improving its looks. You cannot paint the walls or buy heavy house items simple because you don't when you will leave. But thanks to this apartment department of Pier 1, a Texas-based home décor store since 1962, you have a wide choice of kitchen gadgets and dinnerware, window panels, wall décors that are easy to remove, stylish mirrors that can create stunning illusion of space and light , lightings and lamps, rugs and carpets, baskets and hampers, as well as slim tables and chairs.

Living Room Designs and Tips from
Apartment living rooms have a lot of functions, and are not limited to relaxing and socializing. If you feel that the design of your living room needs some improvements, check out this category page of Here, you can find tons of tips such as how to make your small living room attractive and spacious, how to choose the right living room accessories, how to have a proper lightings, how to provide the appropriate decorative items, and many more. You can also find a lot of before-and-after photos of living room makeover projects, and how they were done.

Basement Decorating Ideas with Stone
The basement is one of the most difficult rooms to decorate because they’re usually dark and damp. Many feature concrete flooring and low-quality wood exteriors. Besides finishing the basement with proper flooring, walls and insulation, this website gives useful stone accessory decorating tips. It depends what you want to use your basement for; many people use it as a gaming addition or a recreational spot. Basements can be lit up beautifully using real stone lighting. The website has onyx lamps and other lighted onyx products, in addition to stone clocks and stone chess boards. The translucent properties of onyx allow light to permeate its stone exterior.

Improving Your Basement Lighting
One of the most challenging parts of decorating a basement is lighting. Many finished rooms have rather low ceilings, and this can cause the room to appear dark and almost cave-like. Tips include accentuating any natural lighting that is available. If you do have even one lone window, make sure your window treatments allow you to access any available sunlight. Another way to make the most of the lighting you have is to paint the walls a light color. Not necessarily white, just light. While at first this may not sound too interesting in the decorating sense, it can really help with your lighting challenge. Because of low ceilings, recessed lighting is a great option in a basement. For practical workspaces such as study areas and worktables, halogen or florescent lighting works well.

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