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The Psychological Side of Triathlon Training
This is an article written by a well-known triathlete and triathlon coach. In it, he states that everyone knows that training for a triathlon requires considerable practice in the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, but many beginner triathletes neglect the equally important aspect of preparing themselves mentally. He recommends trying to control "what if thinking" during, and prior to, the race. One of the best ways to control fear and anxiety is to practice mental imagery. Successful athletes use this technique to prepare themselves for the expected and unexpected things that might happen in a triathlon.

Information for the Triathlete
A portal with everything for the triathlon athlete. Includes features about aerobic threshold, comfortable cycling, training and more. This website features a comprehensive guide to triathlon gear and reviews of everything from triathlon bikes, heart-rate monitors, running shoes, wheelsets, triathlon wetsuits, triathlon clothing, aerobars, triathlon apparel, nutrition, books and videos and accessories for swimmers, bikers and runners. Triathlon training articles and programs are also featured, and users can also find a triathlon coach or local club to join. A gear guide for shopping, as well as an updated blog keeps triathlon athletes at the head of their game.

Triathlon Tricks and Tips
This page on offers assorted training tips and tricks to ensure your training and racing run smoothing. This information is provided in a FAQs-type format. Here's just a sampling: how to keep goggles from fogging; how to fix a flat; newsgroups devoted to triathlons; how to get a faster transition; what's a brick; a race day checklist; how to lose weight; heart rate training advice; what is periodization?; improving mental fortitude; finding a partner; how long to taper; the best way to train in winter; check pulse every morning; weight yourself naked every morning; learn to tune your bike; what supplements are good for triathletes, and signs of overtraining.

Choosing a Triathlon Wetsuit
Originally, the wetsuit was introduced to the sport of triathlon as a safety tool to help the triathlete survive cold waters and prevent hypothermia during the swim portion of a race. However, it was soon discovered that the wetsuit provided the necessary buoyancy to lift a swimmer high enough in the water to enhance the overall swimming performance. Since then, wetsuits have been an important piece of triathlon equipment. The article suggests taking your geographic location into consideration when purchasing a wetsuit, as wetsuits can leave you dehydrated in warmer waters.

Find a Local Triathlon
When it is time to find a triathlon in your area, this website is ideal to find a triathlon. State calendars and links are offered, as well as more triathlon resources. Triathlon news and SilverMan triathlon information, as well as long distance and half distance races are noted. Results from races and more make this a comprehensive site to find a triathlon.

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